Terms and rules for seasonal pitches

Types of seasonal pitches

Normal season pitch: Valid for 1 married couple/life partner and children under 18 years of age

Family season pitch: Valid for 1 married couple/life partner plus children, children-in-law and grandchildren, regardless of age.

Senior Season pitch: Valid for 1 married couple/life partner, at least one of whom is over 60 years old and grandchildren under 18 years of age, or 1 couple/life partner, at least one of whom is an early retiree/disability pensioner.

All other people are considered guests.

For all seasonal pitches, the caravan must remain on the pitch for at least 30 days.

Payment deadlines

The reservation must be paid at the beginning of the season, but no later than 14 days after the start of the season. If you are prevented from attending before the deadline, you can also pay by bank transfer.

Cancellation of the pitch

Must be done no later than March 1st

Use and reservation of seasonal pitches

If the caravan is used for rental/loan to family members, your guests/tourists must pay the usual overnight accommodation fee. However, 20% will be deducted from the personal fee as this is a seasonal pitch.

If you have day guests visiting, these are included in the price.

If the same place is desired for the next season, it must be reserved by the end of the season at the latest. Pre-season places, pre- and post-season places as well as places for the entire season can be reserved. Please note that if the caravan is resold, it cannot automatically be expected that the buyer will be able to take over the space! You have to go and ask in the reception first.

The right to a reserved place expires if you do not meet the payment deadlines and the conditions and rules.


Accessories bearing the hallmarks of allotment garden equipment and permanent constructions are not permitted. This applies, among other things, to wooden fences, wooden sheds, greenhouses, party tents, fences, wooden terraces, flagpoles or other masts. Fibertex outside the tent, etc. is of course also not allowed.

Pegs and pipes for windbreaks may be inserted at a maximum of 30 cm deep into the ground. The long-term camper must pay for the repair of damage to fiber optic cables etc. caused by pegs stuck too deep into the ground. TV antennas/satellite dishes must be placed close to the caravan. The caravan must be clean and free of algae.

There may be a maximum of two visible plant pots on the pitch.

Nowhere on the campsite is it permitted to dig in the grass, lay tiles, form shapes, plant plants or build terraces in front of the awning. NO wooden fences or garden gates may be erected on the premises to keep dogs inside. Small, movable wire fences may be set up but must be approved by the campground owner and removed when the unit is unoccupied. There MUST be space for the car to be parked in its own pitch and not somewhere else.

Trees and bushes may not be trimmed or felled without consultation with the campsite owner.

The place must be tidy at all times.

Your plat must always appear tidy and well-maintained. You have to maintain the grass around the caravan and the awning yourself. You can borrow a lawnmower from us. If you don’t want to or can’t mow the lawn yourself, we’ll be happy to help you make an arrangement.

If the grass is repeatedly neglected, we will charge DKK 100 per lawn.


Here at the campsite the rubbish has to be sorted. Download instructions here

Grass waste is placed on the grass area to the left of the entrance to road 46. The grass must not be given to the animals, as they get sick from finely chopped grass. Fish must be cleaned at our fishcleaning spot at the service building opposite Street 18. To avoid unpleasant odors, fish waste must be packed in bags and tied with a knot.

Calm and play

Loud music must not be played during the day, and the campsite must be quiet from 23-08. Remember that the sound can be heard more clearly at a campsite than at home in the villa. Play ball on the ball court. Play (e.g. with water guns) is NOT allowed in the service buildings.


Dogs are welcome, but must be on a short leash and let out outside the campsite and of course not on the ball field.

“If the accident happens”, the dog’s remains must be removed immediately. For the same reason, we recommend that the airing of dogs is carried out by adults, and not by small children! Do not leave your dogs alone in the awning/campervan – and remember: A barking dog and/or a stray dog is a big nuisance for the surrounding guests.

Power connection

The electrical cable from the caravan and to the 220V electrical plug must be in one piece without an adapter, and must be an approved rubber cable with earth, cf. the high current regulations. Thin 2-conductor electrical cables are not permitted and must not be connected to the unit’s electrical socket.

When the caravan is unoccupied, it is recommended to disconnect the power (empty refrigerators, freezers, etc.). Cables must lie alongside the trees so that grass can be cut. Cables are at your own risk.

It is your own responsibility to keep an eye on whether the meter counts. Check the meter regularly – in the event of an error, the bill will be based on an estimated consumption.

Distance to neighbor / Fire regulations

For fire safety reasons, there must always be at least 3 meters between the caravans. A distance of at least 1.5 m must therefore always be maintained from the landmark to the draw on the caravan, awning, storage tent, windbreak, overhang, etc., so that it does not impair the neighbour’s ability to set up. The car must be up to the mark. If there are any questions about the location of the caravans on the site, contact the camp manager before setting up the awning etc.

If you have set up a “permanent awning” (e.g. villa, or euro tent), the campsite owner must always be contacted before it is set up.

Parking of cars and driving on campsite

Only one car per unit. It is not permitted to park the car in an unused space unit, as it is a great inconvenience to the tourists we send to what we think is a free space.

REMEMBER: Exercise is healthy, save driving to the toilet buildings and minimarket (it’s good for the environment) take the bike instead or use your legs (it’s good for your health). Therefore, driving on the site must be limited to what is absolutely necessary, and always max. 15 km/h – especially for the sake of the children.

Night watchman

In case of emergency, or in the event of unrest and noise on the campsite, the campsite owner can be called on +45 98 88 44 33

Season end

At the end of the season, the pitch is left in a neat and tidy condition. The floor is welcome to remain if you have booked the same place for the next season. Electricity consumption is settled before departure.

If you wish to have extra soil placed on your pitch when the season is over, notify the reception, then we will make sure that it is put on right after the site is closed for the season.

Winter storage

You can buy a winter storage. For the winter storage, you have the caravan to stand on the pitch, but it must not be used. The awning must be packed together. If you have an awning and poles that are intended to be in place all year round, it is allowed be standing all year round. Then you are also free from having a clumsy storage tent standing. However, it is at your own risk, and it is advisable to have the awning insured and to inspect it regularly.

Winter season at Grønhøj Strand Camping

The above regulations for seasonal pitches also apply in the winter season, but with the following additions below.

Use of the campsite during the winter season

In the period 22 September – 3 April, the individual camping unit on the campsite may only be used for short stays, weekends, etc. Short-term stays are understood to be stays that, in total, must not amount to a total of 20 working days in the period. In addition, weekends, school holidays and public holidays are added.

It is not possible to rent cabins, caravans or tourist pitches. The winter season is only an offer for a fixed season place for guests who already have a season place in the summer with us.

It is not permitted to have a permanent residence on the campsite. It is also not permitted to have a residential or postal address on the campsite.

General info about the winter season

Bouncy cushions, trampolines etc. is closed during the winter period.

The service building at road 38 and 39 is open with showers, toilets and kitchen, as well as a waste cistern for a chemical toilet. There are also 2 family bathrooms open outside the reception. It is not possible to wash clothes at the camping site during the winter season.

The living room cannot be reserved for private events during the winter season. It must be usable by everyone. However, an exception is made if the residents internally hold a joint event where everyone is invited, e.g. Christmas lunches or New Year’s Eves.

Cars are not allowed to be parked on the grass. You must park where there is a gravel road on the campsite so as not to damage the grass.

Toilets, bath and kitchen will only be inspected and cleaned twice a week. Before and after a weekend. Therefore, always make sure to leave the toilets, bath and kitchen neat and clean after use.

The taps outside on the site are closed during the winter season, but water can be obtained outside at the service building or outside at the shop. There, the water taps are frost-protected

Snow is only cleared on the large dirt roads around the site (although not if we are away).

The mini market and the reception are not open during the winter season. Therefore, make sure you buy plenty of shower coins before the start of the winter season.

We can only be reached on +45 98 88 44 33 or info@gronhoj-strand-camping.dk.

Electricity must be settled when the winter season ends.

Subject to printing errors.