Rules and practical information

Distance to neighbors

A distance of at least 3 m must be maintained from the nearest neighbor. Therefore, always maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m from the landmark pole at the pitches, and 3 m to the next tent on the tentsite so that your neighbor’s ability to set up is not impaired. The car must park up to the pole.


Wooden fences or garden gates may not be set up. Small, movable wire fences to keep the dog in place can be set but must be approved by the campsite owner and removed when the unit is unoccupied.

There MUST be space for the car to be parked in its own pitch and not somewhere else.

Parking of cars and driving on campsite

Only one car per unit. It is not permitted to park the car in an unused space unit, as it is a great inconvenience to the tourists we send to what we think is a free space.

REMEMBER: Exercise is healthy, save driving to the toilet buildings and minimarket (it’s good for the environment) take the bike instead or use your legs (it’s good for your health). Therefore, driving on the site must be limited to what is absolutely necessary, and always max. 15 km/h – especially for the sake of the children.

It must be clean and tidy here

Be considerate of the cleaning staff and do not use the toilet or kitchen when the cleaning staff is working.

Your pitch must appear tidy and well-maintained at all times. Remember to wash the caravan so that it is not ugly and green with algae. You must keep the grass around the caravan and awning yourself. You can borrow a lawnmower from us. If you don’t want or can’t mow the grass yourself, we can help with an agreement. Hedges and trees may only be pruned after further agreement with the campsite owner.


Garbage must be sorted here at the campsite. Download instructions here

Grass waste is placed on the grass area to the left of the entrance to road 46. The grass must not be given to the animals, as they get sick from finely chopped grass. Fish must be cleaned at our fishcleaning spot at the service building opposite Street 18. To avoid unpleasant odors, fish waste must be packed in bags and tied with a knot.

Calm and play

Loud music must not be played during the day, and the campsite must be quiet from 23-08. Remember that the sound can be heard more clearly at a campsite than at home in the villa. Play ball on the ball court. Play (e.g. with water guns) is NOT allowed in the service buildings.


Dogs are welcome, but must be on a short leash and let out outside the campsite and of course not on the ball field.

“If the accident happens”, the dog’s remains must be removed immediately. For the same reason, we recommend that the airing of dogs is carried out by adults, and not by small children! Do not leave your dogs alone in the awning/campervan – and remember: A barking dog and/or a stray dog is a big nuisance for the surrounding guests.

Electric cars

You are welcome at the campsite. However, due to the danger of overloading the electricity grid, it is only permitted to charge the car in our charging station. Read about our charging stand here

Rent a charging box for cell phones/tablets/laptops

If you only need power to charge your cell phone or other small electronic devices. For just 10 DKK per day you can rent a box for loading. Please note that there is a deposit of DKK 100 for the key, which will be refunded upon return of the key.

Access to the campsite

The gate is closed from 23-07

The door in the northwest corner of the campsite is open 24/7. Note that the card for the gate must be used to open the door.

In emergency cases where it is vitally important to go out in the middle of the night, e.g. emergency room or ambulance, then call +45 98 88 44 33.

Useful phone numbers

The reception: +45 98 88 44 33

Doctor’s on-call (between 16:00 and 08:00 and Saturday / Sunday): +45 70 15 03 00

Alarm (ambulance / fire): 112

Night watchman

In case of emergency, or in the event of unrest and noise on the campsite, the camp manager can be called on +45 98 88 44 33

Season pitch

If you have purchased a season pitch, please read the conditions for season pitch. You can read them here. They apply to all types of season pitches.